Fifth Grade

Supplies for 5th

1 pair of wired earbuds or headphones (put in a Ziploc bag labeled with name)

6 composition notebooks

1 pack of magic erasers

6 plastic pocket folders (1 of each: red, green, blue, yellow, 2 choice)

1 folder with prongs and pockets

1 binder (one inch) with clear insert on the front

1 pack of crayons

1 pack of markers (thick or thin)

1 (12 pack) of colored pencils

1 pair of scissors (7 inch minimum and labeled with your child’s name)

6-8 glue sticks

2 packs of thin and thick dry erase markers (one of each)

2 (24 pack) of # 2 sharpened pencils

2 highlighters

2 pens (blue or red)

1 package of 3×3 sticky notes

1 pencil bag or box (small enough to fit in desk)

3 boxes of tissues

1 pack of pencil erasers

1 low profile clipboard

Teacher Wish List:

Sharpies (thick or thin)

Batteries (D size)

8 pack dry erase markers

2 Magic erasers

1 package of 150 sheet wide-ruled paper

1 package of medium binder clips

1 package of address labels

1 package of index cards

1 package of pencil erasers

Scissors (7inch or larger)

Hand sanitizer

Clorox wipes

1 box of Band-Aids

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags

1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags

1 ream of copy paper

Scotch tape