Fourth Grade

Supplies for 4th

1 pencil box
3 boxes #2 sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga brand)
1 box of colored pencils
1 package of markers 8 or 10 count
1 package of THIN Expo markers
1 package of THICK Expo markers (Black Only)
1 pair of scissors
1 pack of multi-color highlighters
1 of each color pocket folders with prongs: red, green, blue
4 wide-ruled composition notebooks
1 pack of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper
1 binder (one inch) with clear plastic cover
2 package of 3×3 inch post-it notes
2 packs of white copy paper
1 box of tissues
1 set of headphones
1 package of 4, or more, glue sticks


2 Bottles of hand sanitizer

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags


1 box of magic erasers

1 roll of paper towels

Teacher Wish List:

Small Treasure box items


Colored copy paper

White or colored cardstock paper

Sheet protectors

Disinfecting wipes